Excavators & Backhoes

Excavators are the heart and soul of what we do. These powerful machines are available in a range of different sizes (with varying attachments) to accommodate the scale of your projects. They are the best choice for boring, ripping, and crushing tough materials.

Backhoes are reliable and multi-functional, appropriate for a range of construction tasks, including small demolitions, light transportation, digging, landscaping, breaking asphalt and paving.


York Excavating and Grading boasts a variety of different durable and well-serviced equipment, designed to accommodate a host of different construction needs. Our operators are highly skilled and able to meet the challenges presented by virtually any site, whether industrial, commercial, or residential.


Safety is paramount at York

York takes safety very seriously by providing continuous training,
regular inspections and maintaining up to date equipment.


York - A Leader in the GTA

       50 years of Excellence

York has a reputation as one of the top contractors in the GTA & Southern Ontario